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What are the characteristics and application methods of ceramic water reducer?

2020-11-17 14:35:13

Ceramic superplasticizer is one of the most commonly used products in house decoration, which is usually called dispersant. It is a common ceramic additive. The function of ceramic superplasticizer is to destroy the flocculation structure of ceramic slurry particles, so that the slurry can have good use effect under the condition of low moisture content, mainly to maintain good dispersion and low viscosity. These are very important in ceramic production process, especially in energy saving and consumption reduction. It is also widely used in clay making, slurry grinding, glaze making and other ceramic production in ceramic industry. So, what are the characteristics and application methods of ceramic water reducer?

Ceramic water reducing agent

Main characteristics of ceramic water reducing agent:

1. It can be widely used in making mud, refining and glaze (including barren raw materials).

2, mud and glaze can be fluidity and low viscosity to meet the requirements of spray or mold filling and leveling.

3. It can reduce the water content of slurry and glaze, prevent the shrinkage and deformation cracking of green body during drying, and reduce the damage rate of green body.

4. It can make the slurry and glaze have high stability and good quality.

5. It has the function of lubrication and grinding between the mud particles, shortens the ball milling time, improves the work efficiency and saves energy consumption.

6. It can reduce labor intensity and production cost greatly.

7. The application of ceramic dispersant (water reducing agent) in ceramic production can not only make the ceramic slurry have good fluidity, but also reduce its water content, improve the performance of ceramics, improve product performance, save energy and reduce emissions.


Application method of ceramic water reducing agent:

1. The common range of ceramic superplasticizer is about 0.1-0.5% by weight. A series of small-scale experiments should be carried out before use, so as to obtain the data of better de coagulation effect of the clay raw materials.

2. Ceramic superplasticizer can be added before ball milling. It can be dissolved in water and then mixed with raw materials. It can also be directly added into dry material and mixed evenly before pulping.

3. The product can make the green body shape in a short time after mixed material pulping, which can save at least 30% time compared with no additives.

4. Ceramic water reducer can be used with sodium oxalate and sodium carbonate.

5. Ceramic water reducer should be sealed and stored in a dry and cool place after use.




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