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A new type of ceramic body reinforcing agent POU polymer

2020-12-18 14:50:35

1、 A new type of ceramic body reinforcing agent POU polymer


In the process of ceramic production, the strength of green body is very important. Due to the insufficient strength of ceramic body, it is easy to cause serious damage to the body and increase the production cost in the process of forming, conveying, drying and glazing. Generally speaking, the strength of green body depends on the plasticity of clay, the amount of clay and the forming pressure of green body. Due to less and less plastic clay resources, the use of clay is limited. It is impossible to add too much clay to the formula. In order to improve the strength of green body, it is necessary to add reinforcing agent into the formula. However, the traditional reinforcing agent can only increase the viscosity of the slurry. The new POU polymer not only improves the strength of the green body more obviously, but also greatly reduces the cost.

POU polymer is a new green body enhancer developed by Quanzhou Aomei Ecological Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and Professor Pei Xinmei, engineering research center of green building materials and manufacturing, Ministry of education, Wuhan University of technology. It has the following characteristics: it does not use clay in the formula, solves the problem of lack of clay resources, and shortens the grinding time of raw materials by one third. POU polymer is different from the traditional green body enhancer. The traditional green body enhancer can only increase the viscosity of the slurry, while POU polymer can effectively change the slurry into a network structure, greatly improving the strength of the green body.

There are two kinds of POU polymers: solid and liquid. The appearance of the solid is white (yellow) powder structure. Add the ball mill according to a certain proportion (2-4 hours before tank discharge, the effect is better), and grind together with other materials. It can be directly added into beige or milky white for easy operation.

POU polymer has the advantages of less dosage, no influence on slurry flow rate, good reinforcement effect, greatly improving green body strength and reducing green body damage. When the amount of POU polymer is 0.2 ‰ to 0.5 ‰, the increase range of green body strength is 60 ‰ to 90 ‰. Users can determine the dosage according to their own situation (the recommended dosage is 0.03% - 0.05%). Another unique use of POU polymer is that it can completely replace clay in ceramic formulation. Adding 0.2% ~ 2% of POU polymer into the ceramic formula, the green body is clay free, has enough green body strength, convenient and efficient.




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