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What is the function of enhancer? What are the advantages of enhancers

2020-09-14 09:41:30

Many products are useful in the construction industry. Many of them are curious about enhancers and want to know what they do. People who have not used this product must be very curious about its functions and advantages, and they are not sure where to use it. What are the advantages of general enhancers?

1. What is the function of enhancer

DH-1 enhancer

DH-1 is mainly used for EPDM, PE, EVA, PP, ABS, etc. it can not only make the resin closely connected and achieve good mechanical strength, but also improve the dispersion of the resin and the fluidity of the resin system. These factors are beneficial to improve the mechanical strength, apparent quality and processability of the material products.

DH-2 enhancer

It is mainly used for adding inorganic materials such as calcium carbonate or activated fillers (polar substances) (such as silane coupling agent, aluminate coupling agent, etc.) to combine with PE, PP, EVA, ABS, EPDM, PVC, etc. filling calcium carbonate resin with DH-2 can not only improve the dispersion of calcium carbonate resin, but also improve the fluidity of calcium carbonate resin system. These factors are beneficial to improve the apparent quality, mechanical strength and processability of calcium plastic products.

2. What are the advantages of enhancers

There is no need to use additives such as sand ash, fly ash, strong plasticizer, water reducing agent and expansion agent. When the temperature is too high, only a small amount of water spray curing once or twice, without the use of curing agent. And no bleeding, not easy to separate, excellent adhesion. In addition, in the operation of high-pressure shotcrete, it is easy to pump and difficult to block the pipe. The thickness of each layer can reach 7-8cm, and the springback is less than 5%. In addition, the construction temperature in the range of - 5-40 ℃ does not affect the setting time, which can increase the construction time.

3. Application of reinforcing agent

Reinforcing agent is a kind of chemical additive used to improve the tensile strength of various polymers. It is different from the principle of many fiber reinforced materials. According to the different chemical structure of reinforced materials, there are corresponding types of reinforcing agents. Through special chemical polymerization and physical action, it can effectively improve the tensile strength and hardness of various plastics, including PP, PA, PE, ABS, pcabs, etc., and improve the mechanical properties of plastics and their corresponding modified plastics (glass fiber reinforced, flame retardant, flame retardant, etc.), mineral fillers, etc.) and recycled plastics, and the molding shrinkage should be appropriately reduced . In fact, it is a small amount of additives, but can greatly improve the mechanical strength, dimensional stability and thermal deformation temperature of polymer materials.

What is the function of enhancer? The reinforcing agent plays a corresponding role in the use of concrete, which can bring better use effect to concrete.




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