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Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate

2021-03-01 15:53:40
Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate
Detailed introduction:

ProductCode: CS-J609

Appearance:white powder

MaxDiameter: 0-3mm

Package:25±0.25kg weave bag with inner plastic.

Composition: Na2OSiO2 Fe2O3  K2OMgO  TiO2

Rangeof Application: Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous is highly alkaline,strong detergent and buffering,canneutralizeacidicdirt,also emulsifyfats and oils, deflocculateto inorganics, can beused to synthesize highly active detergentsandmetal cleaningagents insteadofsodium tripolyphosphate (STPP), can reducethe pollution of environment fromsodium tripolyphosphate(STPP), can provide excellent alkaline buffer,can provideanticorrosive-protection for metal(zinc, aluminum,etc.) have a certain softening effect. Silicateanions containedin Sodium Metasilicatecan formthe insolublesubstancewith Ca2 +, Mg2 + harmfulionsinthe slurry, promotethe exchange roleof Na +, reduce the viscosity oftheslurry, increasemobility. Therefore,sodiummetasilicateis widely used inconfigurationsof variousLotion, Metal-Surface-Treatment, Ceramic-Grinding Agents, Fire-Retardan-Materials,Plastic-Water-Retaining-Material,Textile-Degreasing-Auxiliaries, Paper-Deinking-Agent.

Product Advantage

            1. It can bewidelyusedinmaking mud, milling slurry and otherprocess (including barren raw material )

            2. It can improve the fluidity of slurry,lower the viscosity of slurry and satisfy the spray-drying or fill-shape,stable fluidity.

            3. It can reduce the water content ofslurry, prevent the tile body from shrinkage andvariant crack during the dryingprocess, and reduce the breakagerateof green tile body.

            4. It can make the slurry in betterstability and quality.

            5. It can lubricate andhelpfully mill the slurry among particles of slurry so it can reduce the timefor ball-milling make the work more efficienct and reduce the energy consumption in spray-drier.

6. It is easy to drop, accuratemeasurement, and can decrease the labor intensity and widely reduce theproduction cost.


1.0.1-0.5% of this product compare to dry powder material(please do some smalltest before use it, so that let the clay get the data of better dilutioneffect.

            2. This product can be used to add before ball-milling, or it can be dissolved in water firstly and then mix with raw material, or directlyput them into dry material, then make slurry.

3.After mixing material and making slurry, molding, this product can shape thetile body in a short time, it can save at least 30% of the time compared to withoutany additives.

            4.Thisproductcan be used to mix with sodiumoxalate, sodium carbonate and otherelectrolyte.

            5. The product is nonpoisonous andnon-polluting, non-radioactiveand should be sealed in a dry and cool place after use.


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