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Liquid degumming agent

2021-03-01 15:52:14
Liquid degumming agent
Detailed introduction:

[appearance Specification]: colorless or light yellow liquid

[package specification]: PVC plastic bucket 25kg / bucket

[chemical composition]: Na2O SiO2 Fe2O3 P2O5 K2O MgO TiO2

[application scope]:

The dispersing agent is widely used in the process of making mud, grinding and glazing in the ceramic industry. It has a very wide range of dissolving glue to mud and sand. It has a very good flow for the bentonite, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, iron high mud and glaze with low water content, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of spray drying and improve the comprehensive properties of the powder.

[product advantages]:

1. It can be widely used in making mud, refining, glaze and other processes (including barren raw materials).

2, the mud can be fluidity and low viscosity to meet the requirements of spray or mold filling and leveling.

3. It can reduce the water content of slurry, prevent the shrinkage and deformation cracking of green body during drying, and reduce the damage rate of green body.

4. The mud has high stability and good quality.

5, lubricate and grind the mud material, shorten the milling time, improve work efficiency and save energy consumption.

6. It can reduce labor intensity and production cost greatly.


1. The common range of this product is about 0.1-0.5% of the weight of dry powder. A series of small-scale experiments should be done before use, so as to obtain better data of degumming effect for the clay raw materials.

2. The product can be dissolved in water and mixed with raw materials before ball milling. It can also be directly added into dry materials and mixed evenly before pulping.

3. After mixed material pulping and forming, the product can make the green body shape in a short time, which can save at least 50% of the time than without additives.

4. This product can be mixed with inorganic electrolyte and other anionic dispersants.

5. This product is non-toxic, non polluting and non radioactive. It should be sealed and stored in a dry and cool place after use.




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