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Rh-40 phosphate free detergent aid

2021-01-21 17:50:08
Rh-40 phosphate free detergent aid
Detailed introduction:

1、 Product index

Appearance: colorless or light yellow viscous transparent liquid

Solid content: 40 ± 1% (or according to customer demand)

Viscosity (25 ℃): 100-300mpa · s

PH: 7.0-9.0

Monomer residue: ≤ 500ppm

Solubility: soluble in water

2、 Product performance

1) It has excellent calcium chelating ability and anti ash deposition ability, and has excellent performance in combination with inorganic detergent aids such as zeolite and silica. It can be used to make liquid detergent.

2) Good pH buffer capacity, reduce the irritation of detergent to skin.

3) Improve the performance of powder spraying slurry, increase the slurry concentration, save energy consumption; increase the smoothness and strength of washing powder particles, reduce the content of fine powder.

4) The recommended addition amount is 0.8-1.5% in the formula of washing powder and 2-3% in the formula of washing liquid.

3、 Packaging and storage

1. The product is packed in 200l plastic barrel with net weight of 250 ± 1kg or as required by the user.

2. It is recommended to store at 5-30 ℃ for 6 months.




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