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Pm-421 grinding heavy calcium dispersant

2021-01-21 17:49:35
Pm-421 grinding heavy calcium dispersant
Detailed introduction:

1、 Overview

Gr-421 special dispersant for calcium carbonate is an anionic dispersant, which can dissolve with water in any proportion.

Chemical and physical parameters

Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent viscous liquid

Solid content: 42 ± 1%

PH: 6.0-8.0

Viscosity (25 ℃): 250-450mpa. S

2、 Product performance

This product is suitable for wet grinding of heavy calcium carbonate pigment system at all levels. The results show that the energy consumption is low during grinding, the viscosity of the material is low after grinding, and the viscosity stability of the slurry is good at different temperatures and pH.

3、 Packaging and storage

1. The product is packed in 200l plastic barrel with net weight of 250 ± 1kg or as required by the user.

2. It is recommended to store at 5-30 ℃ for 6 months.




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